12 Best Part-Time Jobs in UK

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Best part-time jobs in UK are a wonderful option for people who have childcare responsibilities, need extra income, or wish to focus primarily on their studies.

You can choose from a variety of part-time employment that make the most of your abilities and education, while some require no additional training.

There are also numerous typically full-time jobs that companies may be looking to fill on a part-time basis. This article will go over a list of possible best part-time jobs in UK.

12 Best Part-Time Jobs in UK

best part-time jobs in UK

Here are 12 of the best part-time jobs in UK, all of which pay more than the minimum wage.

The following wages are national averages. Your pay will be determined by factors such as the number of hours you work per week, your level of previous experience, and your location in the country.

1.  Delivery Driver: £7.34 per hour

Primary Responsibilities: A delivery driver transports products to customers safely and securely. They devise effective routes to maximize deliveries per hour. They respond to customer inquiries and offer a professional experience from both the shipper and the delivery firm.

Requirements: Most delivery firms will give you a vehicle, but you must have a valid driver’s license. This is frequently a Category B license with no points.

2. Sales Assistant: £8.28 per hour

A sales assistant’s primary responsibilities include greeting customers and assisting them with any questions they may have. They discuss the benefits and features of various goods to customers and upsell where possible. They operate the till and process card transactions, as well as keep the shop floor clean and restock as needed.

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Above all, sales assistants must have a warm disposition. Experience is desirable, but it is not necessarily required. Product expertise is vital, particularly in stores that sell high-value items such as fashion and technology.

3. Bar staff

National Average Salary: £8.39 per hour

Members of the bar staff are responsible for providing excellent customer service and ensuring that guests are safe. They offer good drinks and food, keep the bar clean, and keep an accurate cash drawer.

Requirements: Most jobs require prior experience working at a bar or in a hospitality setting. Employers frequently look for energy, passion, and strong personalities in customer-facing positions.

4. Teaching Assistant: £68.99 per day

Primary Responsibilities: A teaching assistant assists the teacher in delivering the curriculum to each class. They provide extra support to students in small groups or one-on-one sessions, as well as extra monitoring to ensure class discipline.

This position does not normally require teaching experience. There is no requirement for a degree, though graduates are often favoured. You should, however, have good communication skills and a strong desire to serve youngsters. Applicants must pass a background check, and if you intend to deal with special needs children, further training may be required.

5. Warehouse employee

National Average Hourly Wage: £8.96

Primary Responsibilities: Pick items from shelves to meet orders. Assist with deliveries by relocating shipments to shelves. Maintain high levels of health and safety, and maintain paths clear at all times.

Requirements: Because warehouses frequently need more workers during peak seasons such as Christmas, these part-time jobs need you to be available when the warehouse needs you. Some warehouse jobs may necessitate the possession of a forklift operator’s license.

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6. personal shopper

National Average Hourly Wage: £9.14

Primary Responsibilities: A personal shopper works with customers to establish their specific buying preferences, then creates a shopping basket tailored to their preferences. They may also suggest additional items that they believe will be of interest to their clients.

Personal shopper part-time jobs necessitate retail and customer service skills. You should be able to display current fashion expertise while remaining conscientious and customer-oriented.

7. Beauty consultant

National Average Salary: £9.23 per hour

Primary Responsibilities: Beauty consultants advise customers who want to enhance or improve their appearance. They also assist customers in deciding on goods that would complement their cosmetic regimen.

You’ll need an NVQ level 2 qualification in a subject like makeup, as well as a lot of direct salon experience. Many cosmetic businesses hire beauty consultants who are expected to meet weekly sales targets. Strong interpersonal skills are essential for achieving this.

8. Brand advocate

National Average Hourly Wage: £9.49

As an engaged, customer-facing representative, a brand ambassador displays professionalism and brand personality. They hand out marketing items such as samples, pamphlets, and coupons. They also address customer questions about their brand or product and notify them of future deals or events.

A GCSE or similar qualification is preferred. You should also have a strong sense of self-control and interpersonal abilities. Genuine excitement for the brand is a significant advantage.

9. National Average Caregiver Salary: £9.90 per hour

Primary Responsibilities: A caregiver visits patients’ homes to assist them with vital daily duties. This could entail supporting them with washing, dressing, and feeding. A caregiver can also organize medications, handle minor housework, and go shopping as needed.

Requirements: Prior experience is advantageous, although it is not necessarily required for entry-level positions. You must be compassionate, patient, and understanding of your client’s requirements. To travel between appointments, some organizations may need you to have a complete driver’s license and your vehicle.

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10. Bus Driver: £10.75 per hour

Primary Responsibilities: A bus driver transports passengers along a predetermined route while adhering to the city’s or bus service’s timetable. They assist passengers in entering and exiting the bus, as well as answering any queries they may have. Bus drivers also verify tickets and handle cash payments on occasion.

Requirements: You’ll need the proper PCV license and training for the vehicle you’ll be driving. To comprehend the routes and corporate protocols on public buses, you must have further training. Other qualities include a pleasant demeanour and thorough knowledge of the roads in your area.

12. Mail carrier

National Average Salary: £10.81 per hour

Primary Responsibilities: Mail carriers plan and execute an optimal delivery route for their rounds. They are in charge of delivering all mail safely and acquiring client signatures as needed. They also deal with misdirected mail and collect mail from post boxes.

Requirements: The majority of Royal Mail postmen and postwomen advance through an apprenticeship. However, you can apply for part-time jobs directly, especially during busy seasons. A valid driver’s license is required for all routes that require driving.

12. Tour guide

National Average Hourly Wage: £11.24

A tour guide’s primary responsibilities include guiding clients through the tour route as specified by the firm. They provide a great customer experience for tourists by maintaining a pleasant, energetic attitude and answering tour-related queries.

Requirements: You should be well-versed in your tour region so that you can answer any queries that tourists may have. It is also advantageous to be fluent in a second language. Some tour jobs necessitate driving a bus or a similar tour vehicle. If this is the case, you will require the necessary license.

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