VIDEO: Is this the future for Arsenal? Watch Technical Director new strategy and recruitment plans!

Arsenal’s manager Mikel Arteta has made some amazing moves this very transfer window in signing young and promising players. All the players signed to the English football club were not more than 24 years old and it seems the Gunners were deliberate on that move and still have more to come. Arsenal’s technical director Eduardo César Daud Gaspar better known as Edu in a recent interview talked about their recruitment strategy and how they want Arsenal to be a team full of exciting players with the right age and mentality. He went further in explaining how their present rewards are the result of long systematic planning and how the players newly signed were targeted to occupy what they lacked and needed in the team.


When asked if the investment in the new youth squad dream was a part of the club’s major future plans he confirmed saying “One hundred per cent that has to be Arsenal”.