Vacancies For Bookkeeper Jobs in Canada

Vacancies For Bookkeeper Jobs in Canada

Vacancies For Bookkeeper Jobs in Canada

Looking for Vacancies for Bookkeeper Jobs in Canada? If yes, there are many benefits to working as a bookkeeper in Canada. The job description may surprise you, but there are a number of prerequisites for this type of job. If you are interested, read on to learn about the job duties and requirements.

As a bookkeeper, you need to be able to speak and write in English at a native or bilingual level. Also, you must have your own computer and access to fast internet. Your home office or quiet room is also essential.

As a bookkeeper, you need to be able to work from home, and you need to have an office or homeroom. If you are looking to work as a contractor, make sure you have existing clients and plan to keep them.

Who is a Bookkeeper?

While the definition of a bookkeeper is varied. Certified Bookkeepers are also more than data entry experts – they have knowledge of payroll, GST, and debits and credits. While the exact training required for a bookkeeper may vary, the typical person has at least a high school diploma.

In addition to a high school diploma, most businesses seek certified bookkeepers with at least three years of experience. CPA Canada offers a certification program that requires advanced knowledge of accounting, management, governance, and strategy.

A bookkeeper’s job description is diverse and includes tasks such as maintaining a complete set of books and recording financial transactions for a business. However, today’s bookkeeper is also a management accountant, and his or her duties go beyond financial records.

These professionals analyze and forecast all financial data for specific departments. As the role of accountants has changed, so too has the nature of a bookkeeper’s job.

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Requirements for Bookkeeper Job

In order to qualify for a bookkeeper job in Canada, you need to have a high level of English fluency. Ideally, you will have some experience working in the insurance industry and have completed some courses or training programs.

Qualified bookkeepers and accounting technicians must have credentials certified by the Government of Canada (IRCC). Depending on the province you are applying to, these requirements may differ from those required by different employers.

For example, you must have completed at least two years of formal education in an accounting-related field. Then, you need to combine these courses with several years of work experience.

Having a degree in accounting or business administration is a prerequisite for getting a bookkeeper job in Canada. Bookkeepers must understand how a business works and how the financial data is recorded.

This job involves a range of financial data entry, organizing financial reports, notifying upper management of accounting mistakes, and managing payroll. The job is rewarding, but you need to be able to prioritize it properly.

Job Skills

If you want to work as a bookkeeper in Canada, there are several skills you must possess. This type of job requires a broad understanding of accounting and financial principles. Additionally, bookkeepers must be familiar with computer software.

Soft skills, also known as interpersonal skills, are also very important. These include emotional intelligence, the ability to communicate effectively with people, and problem-solving skills. Fortunately, these skills can make a big difference in your career.

Entry-level bookkeepers perform a variety of tasks, including maintaining a complete set of accounting books and documenting financial transactions. These bookkeepers also process payments and handle daily transactions. They also perform monthly financial reporting and general ledger entries.

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They are also responsible for basic HR duties, including workers’ compensation filings. Once a person has a thorough understanding of these skills, they can choose a career in this highly-competitive field.

There is a high demand for bookkeepers across Canada, which is one of the reasons why thousands of accounting technicians have chosen to come here. In addition to being a sought-after profession, bookkeepers can also qualify for permanent residency, a great benefit to working in Canada.

Job Duties

A career as a bookkeeper is a versatile one that involves the daily management of a business’s financial data. This position involves using computer software to track and record transactions. In addition, bookkeepers are responsible for updating the general ledger and preparing trial balances for accountants.

They also maintain the proper documentation needed for taxation compliance. They also assist with payroll and generate invoices. The duties of bookkeeper jobs in Canada vary by location.

When searching for a bookkeeper job, make sure to research the job’s requirements. Many employers require bookkeepers to have extensive accounting knowledge, which is essential to the job description. You should also find out if the company offers any flexible work arrangements, like telecommuting or working from home.

Depending on the industry, bookkeepers must have excellent communication skills and organizational abilities. Strong customer service skills are also essential. Many organizations require that candidates have advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks.

A high school diploma is required, although a few years of experience are preferred. Full-charge bookkeepers must be self-starters, with excellent organizational skills and good communication skills.


If you’re an English-speaking native speaker or bilingual, you might be interested in applying for a bookkeeper job in Canada. Depending on your location, you might be eligible for immigration through the BC Provincial Nominee Program, which gives workers the chance to obtain permanent residency in the province.

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While bookkeeper salaries in Canada vary greatly, entry-level accountant salaries are similar and increase as your experience and skills increase.

The advantages of bookkeeper jobs in Canada are several. A bookkeeper’s salary may also increase as a result of higher earnings, better job security, and lower stress. However, it’s important to remember that a bookkeeper’s salary is dependent on their qualifications, and it’s important to be a qualified candidate.


A bookkeeper’s salary in Canada can range from about $38,500 to over $72,000 per year. Salary for bookkeeper jobs in Canada is largely determined by experience and skill, but can also vary considerably by location.

While entry-level accountant salaries tend to be similar across provinces, they can be much higher as their career progresses. The median annual income for a bookkeeper is approximately  $40,950 per year.


If you’re looking for a job in Canada, a bookkeeper occupation may be a good choice. This occupation requires good math and computer literacy. Almost every business in Canada conducts financial transactions. That means a bookkeeper will always be needed to make sure these transactions are handled correctly.

The experience level required for a bookkeeper job in Canada varies between companies and positions. Some organizations require no experience but train candidates with a high school diploma. Others require at least one to two years of experience.

Some require experience in other areas, such as Accounts Payable Coordinator or Payroll Assistant. Other companies require that you have experience with particular accounting software to work with them. The job duties vary between companies, but most employers require at least a high school diploma or equivalent.


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