US allies to fall out with US because of Biden failure as Crisis in Afghanistan Escalate


The big question have changed from who is in charge? the question now is, can the US allies really on Biden’s plans and decisions on security matters?

President Joseph retreat Biden defends ending U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan saying his administration made the right decision in ending U.S. military involvement arguing that the U.S. counterterrorism mission is complete


Well he acknowledged that the troop withdrawal has been “messy” and blames Afghan security forces for failing to counter the Taliban.

Blaming the afghan security forces for failing in a war you could not win in 20 years  

Apparently, if they could, there wouldn’t have been any need of the US troops in the first place.

In light of recent events in Afghanistan, can allies rely on Washington to fulfill longstanding security commitments?

Well, it doesn’t seem like it if you ask me, maybe, just maybe another US President because certainly, Biden will still tell you it is the right thing to do. )

Although the war and the occupation have ended and the dust is finally settling in Afghanistan, there is little clarity as to what the future holds for the Afghan nation or for the main protagonists; that is the United States and the Taliban.

But, Judging by their initial official statements, both sides seem to be curbing their ambitions, lowering their expectations and moderating their positions after the 20-year war that came after another 20-year conflict, left Afghanistan in a disastrous limbo.

Should Biden be blame for this pitiable situation? 

So the Pentagon’s special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction has shown how and why the US has gotten it all wrong in Afghanistan, from strategy, planning and timelines to spending and oversight.

But that misses the greater most important lesson of all that is, avoiding “wars of choice” altogether and at all costs.

One question I would have asked but is likely to be misunderstood is that; why do we have more of Muslim nations with terrorism issues and have more of non Muslim nations for refugee?

Not that I agree with Biden for pulling out US forces but why is the Muslim brotherhood like Saudi not responding to the need of the Muslim brothers who are in great need of all forms of humanitarian aid at this moment.

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