Blog Transgender: ‘The Wake of Gender Confusion’; The Bipolar Syndrome Explained

Transgender: ‘The Wake of Gender Confusion’; The Bipolar Syndrome Explained

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Throughout the world, all official forms of identification like birth certificates, passports, national ID cards, and driver’s licenses reflect the gender we are assigned at birth unless they are amended.

By amendment you know what I mean right? Like When some individuals decide to be un-identifiable. Lol

Now Legal gender recognition is government acknowledgement of the gender a person lives, as well as their chosen name, reflected in identifying documents.

These state issued documents are often necessary to update other formal documents, including bank records and educational certificates.

When these documents don’t reflect the gender that a trans person lives as in one’s affirmed gender, these documents are often rejected as proof of identity and prevents trans people from participating in fundamental activities like enrolling in school, accessing health care, getting a job, opening a bank account, traveling, or even voting.

Biko why the stress in the first place?
I get that people like to out do them selfs but the inconveniences that accompany this lifestyle ? Hmmmm

Let me ask, what happens when a Bobrisky wants to use a rest room?

Asking for a friend

Lol, I was looking for a pronoun to follow up my question but it obviously doesn’t exist because I don’t even know what category to place this insanity.

Now, Remember that Incorrect identification can lead to being “outed” as trans resulting in discrimination and abuse, or the distress of having one’s affirmed gender rejected.

No doubt, A lot of people have been able to change so many things about themselves like skin color and other body enhancement but I’m yet to see a person who would rather breathe with an oxygen machine instead of the natural air.

Imagine the struggle to be accepted,be given privileges, not to be look down upon and all.

I mean, the earlier you all kill this transgender ideology, the better it will be for everyone rather than confusing people like the Kardashians who’s formal step father Bruce Jenner is now a woman, Caitlyn Jenner.
Come to think of it, how would the Kardashian address him, her???? Lol

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