Blog The Transgender Defender: “You Cannot Change Basic Biology” The Other View!!!

The Transgender Defender: “You Cannot Change Basic Biology” The Other View!!!

close up photo of lgbtq letters on a person s hands

There are a few common identity milestones that trans people experience across their lives.
One is starting to feel different than the sex assigned to them at birth. Another is identifying with a trans identity, meaning they don’t identify with a binary gender such as a woman or a man.

Isn’t this sexual confusion? Asking for a Nieghbor???

and to address males with female pronouns or females with male pronouns is to of cos contribute to our culture’s confusion about sexuality and the nature of the human person,

which is literally leaving casualties in its wake lol.

No amount of surgical mutilation of body parts, or artificial female appearances can make a man a woman.

Should I say that again?

people have a sex, which is either female or male and of cos which one cannot choose.

Ok, Suppose that a white man from Europe suddenly decided that he identifies as being a black man from Africa, Suppose further that, in light of this, The white man undergoes unusual procedures to have his skin darkened and his skull’s bone structure re-shaped so as to resemble people from African.

Would we think that such a person has suddenly become an African ?

I mean, through such procedures? Of course not!!

and him identifying as such does nothing to change this.

His appearance as someone from Africa might be somehow convincing. But, again, this doesn’t change the fact that he is not African.

In the case of the transgender individual, he identifies as something he is not, someone of the opposite sex and seeks to undergo harmful surgeries and hormonal treatments in order to have his physical state match his identity of himself as someone of the opposite sex.

Now, Our mental faculties, like our physical ones, are ordered toward various ends.

Among these ends is the attainment of truth weather you like it or not.

So, It is for this reason that we can make sense of mental disorders such as the type that involve persons’ having persistent false beliefs about their identity or how they really are.

A mental disorder is what I would call transgender.

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