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The Horror You Bring – The Terror You Made of Us

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I have always wondered why a great man once wrote a book and titled it, There Was a Country.

Nigeria!!! The giant of Africa whom have been ridiculed by bad governance.  The military, that have played so much important role in achieving peace in Africa, have found it difficult to contain the insecurity in Nigeria; and this, is because of bad government and corrupt politicians.

Nigeria!! The most populous black nation in the world, endowed with both human and natural resources have become an object of scorn by the rest of the world, because of a recycled system of bad politicians and youths that have no dream for the future rather than selling out their greed and become thugs for same old, corrupt politicians. This act has kept the country in the condition she is right now. 

Corruption, though prevalent, was kept at manageable levels during the First Republic However, the cases of corruption during the period were sometimes clouded by political infighting. Throughout the Nigerian history, the prevailing level of corruption have not been as pronounced even in the days of Sani Abacha as compared to what is experienced since 2016 to this point under the President Buhari administration.

According to a publication by the Ahmedu Belo University, Zaria. The institutions perceived as the most corrupt, Nigerian Police, Political Parties, National and State Assemblies, Local and Municipal Governments, Federal and State Executive Councils, Traffic police and FRSC, PHCN, NNPC, Nigeria Customs, FIRS.

In Nigeria, there is a very big gap between the rich and the poor. Due to this, there is space in politics for richer people to manipulate results and candidates. The BBC did an article in February 2019 detailing how much of an effect ‘godfathers’ can have on the outcome. For example, it was reported, “They are political sponsors, who use money and influence to win support for their preferred candidates.” It is explained that these ‘godfathers’ groom a candidate that they trust can implement the policies they want”. The unfortunate thing is the fact  that, the youth whom are expected to make the nation better are only interested in filling their greed in a few months to suffer the next four years and continue in the vicious circle of poverty.

One way to identify a failed state is from her economy, education and security; and looking at these macroeconomic indicators, we can all agree that Nigeria if not declared failed already, is moving towards failure.

President Mohammed Buhari in his address to the nation in marking the Independence Day on October 1st, compared fuel prices with other nations producing fuel. one question please, just one question before we continue. Who is the economic adviser to Mr. President?? I mean, who is the publicity manager because the speech seems arranged for the president.

Comparing cost of living with other countries at what ratio?

What is the minimum wage in those countries?

What is the cost of living in those countries?

Sometimes in 2018, Mrs. Fashola cried out that the educational system need emergency but from all we have seen so far, no attention was given to the educational sector. We still have universities that have over populated classrooms same with Mrs. Aisha Buhari in 2019 about the health sector but with no attention till Covid19 and everyone is running around.

We can be great again!

We can make Nigeria better than what it is and even better than what it was!

We can have a Nigeria where a liter of fuel is 45 naira

We can have a Nigeria where our police will not harass Nigerians or beg for money while on their duty post.

W can have a Nigeria where a rich young man will not be arrested for driving an SUV or using Iphone.

We can have a Nigeria where our youths will not be used as thugs and criminals for a selfish politician.

For that Nigeria to be achieved, we must work for it.

The youths must avoid crime, stay away from all kinds of fraud.

The military and paramilitary should stop harassing innocent civilians and focus on serving their oath.

Lecturers should stop victimizing students, there is a future for Nigeria and that future needs proper education.

The change you are looking for, the better country you are looking for is the one you can build by yourself. The fight is worth it. Don’t lose hope.

2 thoughts on “The Horror You Bring – The Terror You Made of Us”

  1. Dan says:

    What happens if we don’t actualize this dream ?

    1. dmwire says:

      we keep fighting till we get the country we deserve

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