The Difficulty of Being an Adult: You are Successful Stop Looking at The Wrong Things

After a long talk with a friend one evening, he looked at me and said, “oh, if only they told us it was this hard”. Adulthood is a phase in one’s life and no matter how hard we try, no one can escape it.

It’s funny how we get to prepare for lots of things but time and commitment get to place us in a fix were we no longer have the opportunity to chose but life have to make the choice for us.

As kids, we wanted to be adult and then we get to that phase and it becomes all tough and ‘draggy’.

I remember a time in my office, and a colleague of mine asked me, “how is it possible that $100 used to be a great deal and keeps us for long but currently it blows off like the wind”.?

You get to remember how you started and those you started with. In fact, at some point you begin to feel maybe you have failed. One moment you are happy and the next you are all broken and don’t want to continue. You have lots of plans and in your imaginations you have it all planned out, it seem easy for you to make a perfect plan but executing the plan  becomes difficult and you wonder; what went wrong. Yea!! Welcome to adulthood.

Being an adult expose you to a whole new level, it brings you to a point were you compare yourself with others, you try to look for the right measurement for success and on what bases should one measure failure.

Well, it is fun to be an adult but at same time you need to understand that there is a path for everyone and not every kid stay in same circle together for a decade. It is not break ups, it is called transition.

Success has been defined or probably explained by lots of people, our mentors, parents, teachers and even guardians. Due to this definitions or explanations, we get to hold on to a particular angle of success and put ourselves under pressure to make it happen.

Let’s not forget, success as defined by school is by how much good grades you have, while according to society, it is dependent on how influential you are.

At every level and every phase in transition, the definition for success changes and this had made lots of people to misunderstand the true definition of success.

Things get to change without asking for permission and it is expected to flow with the flow since you don’t control the current.

You are scared. It is fine to be scared.

Now this is because, adulthood comes with lots of things. Let me mentioned from making money, marriage life and parenting, getting a dream job or even taking a business. You get to figure out a whole new thing. And thing even get more difficult in the current age. The internet is supposed to make things easier but getting it done online is even becoming more difficult than getting a dream job; considering the nature of competition on every ‘nitch’ on the internet.

These things bring lots of challenging to being an adult.

To be honest, at some point in adulthood, listening to motivational speakers as an adult gets so frustrating that you will say to yourself, “it’s all a lie”!! This is because your efforts you’re your level of productivity is not on a balance scale. For a fact, when you check your level of input and sincere hard work and then you have little or nothing to show as a result of your hard work, you will get to believe, motivational speech is only infective in movies.

To overcome the challenges of adulthood and for you not to fight your choice when success is discussed, you need to understand that success is not a trophy won for competing with someone but it is an upgrade from your previous self to a better you.

Learn to take responsibility for your words and actions and not to be careless with them, unlearn every sense of entitlement, you need to understand that nobody owes you anything and every act of kindness should be appreciated. It’s an act of kindness not an obligation.

Some motivational speakers may say, success is not money but for everything you want to achieve as an adult, make sure making money is part of the plan. Remember we said earlier that success according to society is how influential you can be, and to be influential, making money makes up more than 75% of the deal.

Nothing is as interesting as financial independence: To reduce the stress of being an adult, make sure you have a source of income, not matter how little. Being broke affects positive thinking and reduces the ability to focus on future plans.

Being an adult is an opportunity to work smart, think smart and speak smart. Always remember, it is not just hard work that is the deal here but smart work. #learn to combine.