Send Her Back: Congress Under Pressure to prosecute Ilhan Omar


For years now, ilha Omar a naturalized American citizen born in Somalia has been dogged by unproven and largely baseless rumors from the right that her ex-husband is actually her biological brother and that she married him so he could obtain American citizenship.

Recall that former US President, Donald Trump had alleged that Omar married her brother to obtain immigration papers, accusing her of illegal migration and called on the justice department to look into her?

But once its a democrat, the law will find a way to drag!!!

the origin of that conspiracy centers on a single anonymous online post on an obscure Somali diaspora forum.

Despite no proof surfacing to support the politically motivated smear,

There were rumors that the FBI covered up evidence proving that Omar married her brother, citing a GOP operative, Anton Lazzaro who claims he has DNA evidence tying the Minnesota congresswoman to her ex- husband.

Anton Lazzaro, who was arrested on multiple sex-trafficking charges said the FBI took him down in an effort to shut him up.

Lazzaro claimed he obtained a DNA by stalking Omar and her ex-husband and nabbing a discarded cigarette and drinking meanwhile, it was gathered that an FBI agent told a Lazarro associate that they won’t pursue the case because the “statute of limitations” is over.

Oh really?
Its possible this allege was becauseTrump is no longer in office.

In as much as I will like to think the FBI knows their onions, the US like to dig deep and dig truth.
With Lazarro in jail
Omar is free.
And once again

The democrats won!!

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