Rep. Kelvin McCarthy Slams Ilhan Omar Over Anti-Semitic talk


House minority leader,Kelvin McCarthy has pledged to support a resolution to remove congress woman Ilhan Omar from the house foreign affairs committee should the GOP take power in 2022 midterms.

The congressman’s remarks came during an interview with FOX and friends where the GOP leader assailed the second term congresswoman for alleged anti American views.

Describing Omar as an individual who has on numerous occasions been anti Semitic, adding that if the congress is fortunate to take the majority seat, Omar would not be serving on foreign affairs or anyone with anti Semitic, anti American views. As that is wrong and unproductive.

Recall in June Ilhan Omar cause controversy during testimony by Secretary of State Antony Blinken. in front of the committee, Omar decleared that the US was guilty of committing war crimes throughout its history and likened the US and Israel to terrorist groups, hamas and taliban.

Now the comments including a subsequent tweet by Omar drew accusations from conservatives and some Jewish members of her own party of anti semitism.

Omar was accused of equating the crimes of terrorist group with the US and it’s top ally in the Middle East, Isreal.

Now, what exactly could be the rationale behind such statement?

I will like to think if there’s more, Omar will definitely spill.

Of cos Her comments were condemned by a handful of house democrats.

Seriously, Does this woman ever get tired of controversies?

Oh, stories making the rounds suggest that her coming to America is a bigger controversy.

Get details in this video

Send her back: Judicial watch SLAMS Ilhan Omar

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