Nestle Waters Jobs in Canada

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Nestle Waters Jobs in Canada

Are you looking for a career in the bottled water industry? Consider applying for a position at Nestle Waters. This Swiss multinational bottled water company has several job opportunities across Canada. From operations to sales, the company employs thousands of people worldwide.

Its products include beverages like Mountain Dew, Smart Water, and Vitaminwater. Its Canadian offices are located in Vancouver, Alberta, and Montreal. This multinational company employs a diverse range of skills, including chemistry, marketing, and supply chain management.

Sales Jobs

Looking for a sales position? Browse through Nestle Canada’s job listings and apply today! The company supports individual growth through its people-focused culture. The work environment is flexible and diverse.


There are many career paths for qualified candidates. If you’re passionate about selling, Nestle Canada is an excellent choice! Read on to learn more about the opportunity! Below is a list of key requirements for each role. You’ll be working in a fast-paced, dynamic, and inclusive environment.

As a Territory Manager, you’ll plan territory coverage, engage with retail decision-makers, adhere to corporate policies and local regulations, manage the full financial cycle within corporate guidelines, and participate in cycle meetings.

The position requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills, along with strong project management and leadership abilities. It requires flexibility and adaptability to changes in the market. And it’s one of the most rewarding sales jobs in Canada! If you’re interested in joining a global company, you’ll find plenty of opportunities at Nestle.

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Supply Chain & Procurement Jobs

In search of a career in procurement? Then you’ve come to the right place. Supply Chain & Procurement Jobs at Nestle Waters Canada are available at all levels. Browse the available positions and apply today. We look forward to hearing from you!


We have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, so we encourage candidates with disabilities to apply. Interested candidates should contact Human Resources with any special requirements and we will do our best to accommodate them during the recruitment process.

Transplace’s Control Tower provides a graphical overview of all shipments and customized dashboards. This helps Nestle monitor its network in real-time, as well as in a five-day snapshot.

Transplace and Nestle hold daily calls to review Nestle’s supply chain. Each shipment is classified into four categories, enabling them to identify potential bottlenecks and problem areas.

In addition to the benefits of a flexible, agile workplace, the company is committed to ensuring that its products meet the quality and freshness standards required by consumers.

Whether you are looking to manage inventory, procure raw materials, or oversee other parts of the company’s operations, you’ll find a variety of Supply Chain & Procurement Jobs at Nestle Waters Canada.

Supply Chain & Sourcing Jobs

Supply Chain & Sourcing jobs at Nestle Waters in Canada are a good fit for people with a proven track record in implementing new technology in the food industry. In fact, the company recently implemented a control tower, a digital data visualization tool that provides real-time graphical views of the company’s distribution network and customizable dashboards.

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Browse through Nestle Canada’s job listings and apply today! The company supports individual growth through its people-focused culture. The work environment is flexible and diverse.

The Transplace Control Tower is designed to give Nestle a detailed graphical view of its network and allows the company to monitor it in real-time and in a five-day snapshot. The company and Transplace held daily calls to examine the supply chain.

The Transplace Control Tower is a tool that allows Nestle to classify each order into one of four categories, allowing the company and Transplace to identify any problem areas.

The company’s procurement team is dedicated to helping the company achieve sustainable growth, ensuring responsibly sourced products and services, and creating value. Its procurement division is based in Switzerland, Panama, and Malaysia, with regional hubs in Canada and Latin America.

The company’s global presence helps it operate globally, allowing it to deliver a full range of products and services to local markets. The company’s commitment to sustainability also makes the procurement team a valuable strategic partner for the business.

Supply Chain & Sourcing Senior Analyst is an intermediate-level position, whereby a candidate engages in procurement activities, negotiates price contracts, and authorizes payment for goods.

The role is a cross-functional one, and the person will work closely with the various units and the Corporate Services team. They may also exercise limited supervision, serving as an SME for team members and senior stakeholders.

Supply Chain Manager Jobs

Applying for Nestle Waters Supply Chain Manager Jobs in your city or province is a great way to advance your career while helping you make a difference in the lives of Canadians. You can find various job opportunities at Nestle Canada, including supply chain management, manufacturing, and quality assurance.

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You can even browse the available positions, apply for them, and receive more information on the role. The company is an equal opportunity employer, and it is committed to diversity. If you have disabilities or special needs, you should let Human Resources know so that we can make appropriate accommodations.

The Supply Chain Manager is a key role in Nestle Waters Canada, which markets the leading natural spring water brands in the country. These include Acqua Panna, Perrier, and S. Pellegrino.

Nestle Waters Canada produces half of the country’s domestic spring water and markets most of its international water brands in Canada. This role is responsible for the Order-to-Cash process. As a Supply Chain Ambassador, you will be the representative of Nestle and create value for assigned accounts.

As the leader in healthy hydration, Nestle Waters is looking for talented supply chain managers to join its team. They will provide competitive benefits and work with you to improve business processes.

Nestle Waters supply chain manager positions in Canada are highly sought-after. The company is one of the largest privately-owned companies in the world and offers many exciting career opportunities in its Supply Chain Department. You’ll be part of an established and globally respected company.



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