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Mikel Arteta list three key objectives Arsenal aimed to achieve in Dubai.

Arsenal football club took advantage of the winter break as they traveled to Dubai for a different scenery and training objectives.

Manager Mikel Arteta when quizzed about his team’s objectives for traveling to Dubai he said “We had a break of two weeks and thought of the best way to maximise it, and felt the best way was to stay together for a week or so in a different environment, but with clear objectives for this week not only physically but mentally, it’s been a tough season and a tough few years. We wanted to take this opportunity to get a few things from it.” The Manager said.

“The first thing, the training camp in these conditions is beautiful. We want to keep improving the efficiency of our game model and it’s a beautiful place to do it.The second one is to set clear objectives for what we want to do at the end of the season. We have 17 games to finish, how we are going to do it and what we want to achieve in those games.”

“The third one was about building the unity and the spirit that is in the group and that has to be maintained. There’s no better way to do it not only with the players but as well with the families because they are a big part of what we do and we need them on board to keep pushing every day.”

Arsenal will take on Wolverhampton Wanderers on the 10th of February as they look to get back to winning ways.