SHOCKING: Messi might be a substitute at the 2022 World Cup

Leo Messi is heading into the 2022 FIFA World Cup as his fifth World Cup ever. This is a thing of concern to many football fans at the moment because he is currently 35 years old and due to his dip in form at club level, PSG, his best days are behind him.

In any case, Leo Messi really doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone after the tournament, because he has already reached the World Cup final in 2014 with the Argentina national team. Messi has not been the player that he was ever since he left Barcelona to join PSG and his form has dipped negatively too. His goals ratio has also decreased and instead the highest thing that he can do now is to provide assists for the team and this is far from the Messi that we knew back in his Barcelona days. There is a particular trend that follows National team players that perform badly in the club level. No matter who becomes the manager of the Argentina national team, it is pertinent that Lionel Messi will be starting mostly from the bench at the Worls cup, if rumors are to be believed from Argentina football outlets. What are your thoughts on this? Comment below.