Blog Israel Conflict: Syria, Lebanon, Gaza Faces Israel: Joe Biden Calls For Ceasefire as Conflict Escalate

Israel Conflict: Syria, Lebanon, Gaza Faces Israel: Joe Biden Calls For Ceasefire as Conflict Escalate

It is tough to say you would want to take sides in a war that had been throughout history.  In fact, some would like to condemn this article and would not want to talk about it but lets us talk about it. The unending conflicts between neighbors that have claimed the lives of many; including women. Children and old people; children who died for being Israelis or Palestinian even before they know they are of that origin, not to talk about the young men and women that have died in the front line.

One question I keep asking myself is, “why do people go to war?” someone said the people that fight the war do not even know why they are going to war, it is basically what the political powers say that stands: which actually means, when two leaders have a disagreement, the people are the collateral damage.

Talking about the Israel -Palestine conflicts, to pick sides and tell who is wrong and who is right is dependent on from what point of history you stand; and this unending journey keep rolling in the circle____ before talking about who attacked who and why the attack, one thing I should highlight is that religion have done humanity a great deal of harm, and whether we like it or not, we must let the humanity in us speak rather fighting a battle you did not start and you will neither end.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has gotten worse since last week and there has been no sign of coming to a peace talk despite regular diplomatic efforts to bring about a ceasefire. The conflict over the years has claimed over 200 lives in Israel. The Israeli media stated that, Hamas has shot over 3,350 rockets from Gaza of which 200 were Monday alone and that Israeli strikes have killed at least 130 militants. The death toll in Gaza has crossed 200 — including 61 children and 36 women — while 10 people have died in Israel — including two children. Around midnight, Lebanon fired six shells towards northern Israel but fell short of crossing the border. In retaliation, Israel fired 22 shells towards Lebanon.

The president of the United States, Joe Biden has called for calm and ceasefire in the region. However, hours after President Biden expressed support for a cease-fire during a call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, the Israeli military bombarded Gaza and southern Lebanon and Hamas militants fired rockets into southern Israeli towns.

The POTUS in a carefully worded statement asked for immediate demand for an end to Israel’s bombing in Gaza, which has shown no sign of ending after PM. Netanyahu said on Monday that his country’s armed forces would “continue striking at the terrorist targets.”

Despite growing concern in foreign capitals over the conflicts and among some of Israel’s strong defenders in the white House, the region’s heaviest fight since the 2014 war is at the verge of getting out of hand. Earlier this week the Israeli military fired shells into Lebanon for the first time since the conflicts started, attacking what was said to be Palestinian militants who had attempted to shoot missiles into Israel.

The Army said that Hamas had fired so many rockets since last week — 3,350 — same way it happened in the 50-day war that was fought in 2014. Around 90 percent of them were destroyed even before reaching the ground by an antimissile defense system partly financed by the United States.

President  Biden have increased his diplomatic engagement, dispatching an envoy to the region since last week. The Whitehouse said,  Mr. Biden “expressed his support for a cease-fire and discussed U.S. engagement with Egypt and other partners towards that end.”  But the statement added that Mr. Biden had “reiterated his firm support for Israel’s right to defend itself against indiscriminate rocket attacks”.

The Biden administration had previously refused the use of the term “cease-fire,” with top officials, instead about the need for a “sustainable calm” and others referring to the need for “restraint.”

While a cease-fire would be welcomed by the White House, Mr. Netanyahu has in recent days made clear that he intended to continue bombing until Israel has destroyed Hamas’s stockpile of rockets, launchers and the tunnels from which Hamas fighters are operating. Speaking on Monday after meeting with Israeli security officials, Mr. Netanyahu said, “We will continue to take whatever action necessary in order to restore quiet and security for all the residents of Israel.”

In his conversations with Mideast leaders, Mr. Biden has tried to move the United States to a more neutral role as a peacemaker, after four years of former President Donald J. Trump favoring Israel.

Not to compare, but President Donald Trump whom according to some “was not diplomatic” and did not talk peace was in office and there was no war. Instead he cleansed the middle east of terrorist organizations. Today President Biden is calling for peace and cease fire and we dont even know who to refer to as the victim.

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