Blog Trap!! US/UK Aids Designed to Impede Growth In Africa

Trap!! US/UK Aids Designed to Impede Growth In Africa

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When a people decide to focus on things that of no relevance and neglect the future of their labour, society suffer the mistake of the misplaced priorities.

Africa, the continent of all nature’s reserve have the poorest people and this poverty is not because the people are lazy but it is because they have trained their minds into believing that hard labour is the best labour and that is what colonization have given birth to.

One of the most common things that those who have commented on the problem of Africa have tried to point out is the impact of colonization on the African. It is believed that the most cruel and inhuman things were done to the black continent and it is believed that till this point the world have not healed from that experience; well in as much as I would like to agree to this concept, we cannot deny the fact that the world have evolved over time and generations have made lots of impact and have shown the world that Africa has moved on. However, the gullible and easy to buy over leadership in Africa that is backed by Europe and America keep killing Africa and selling back the continent to slavery.

In a previous post I had talked about the greed of Africans and how it has affected Africa.

The resources that kept the economy of London is largely Africa , same with the united states of America but of course since I cannot provide statistical data  representation to make this a fact it remains a theory and personal opinion but within you, the reality remains.

The western world is not interested in the development and well being of Africa and I will tell you why:

If America will not benefit from you, they will not send you aid

The make believe that they have nothing to gain from under developed nations is fake news and the news media is aware of the exploitation but its best they sell their news off the poverty of the African man.

To Nigerians, what was the outcome of the petition submitted to the UK parliament during the #EndSars protest of 2020?

The United States of America that is the flag bearer of human rights in the world have not sanctioned any public office holder in Nigeria following outcome of events of the #EndSars protest despite the broadcast by the news media especially the report from CNN.

If the World powers are truly interested in the growth and development of Africa; why do they provide loans to keep the continent in debt and not monitor loan collected while the public office holders take some loan collected to them and develop their economy?

If you want to make your country great, forget about the involvement of world powers to assist you except you want to become the Syria of your continent.

You know I don’t know much – Just Say It As It Is!!!!

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