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How To Be a Productive Student

Overtime it has been said that failure is a product of little to no readiness and that you must work hard to be a successful student. Alright let me pause you there!!

First you must give credit to yourself that for sure you’re trying and yes, you’re doing well. You may not be where you want at the moment but you’re not the least in your class.

Sometimes you’re just too hard on yourself that you fail to acknowledge your own efforts. Student’s failure most times is tag to student’s lack of focus but looking at how much genuine efforts you put into study, you will agree that statement is not true. However, we don’t intend to play the blame game rather we want to take responsibility and improve our productivity as far as the academics is concern.

Some institution of higher learning in Africa especially Nigeria is known for victimizing students and not giving them what they deserve and this frustration is one of the major factors affecting the learning culture of the students.

One other thing that affects the student’s performance is the social media; in this case you will get to understand the value system is faulted. Students see uneducated successful people online and wonder why they should face all this hardship and end up on the street.

Being a graduate in Nigeria, there is more than 60 percent chance that you will not need your certificate to be successful.

Here is one fact you need to have in mind as a student: in as much as they’re chances of not using your certificate, it is a fact that the certificate is your life line. That is, when all other plans fail, when all promises fail, when all business ideas fail, your certificate becomes the only thing you will fall back so don’t think your efforts in school is not worth it.

So let’s move on to how to be a  productive student aside attending lectures and taking notes

1. Learn to open your mind: for some people, it is difficult to learn new things and even more difficult to unlearn what they’ve learned before. As a student you need to learn to open your mind, no knowledge is final, anything can change at any point. The fresh knowledge you have today might lose relevance tomorrow. Having an open mind is not an avenue to absorb every stupid ideas. You also need to learn to prove things, ask questions, learn to debate certain opinion, don’t be blind to a fault. An open mind will teach you how to learn other things needed for your future aside what is happening in class. Thinking of possibilities and not just swallowing the garbage dished out daily especially in a system of recycled knowledge.

2. Learn to be social: for some people, there’s this claim of being an introvert or the idea that “I love my space”. The funny thing here is that, you tend to loss out from what you should have learned from course mates and others in school, your “I love my space” denied you of such opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, you can be social and still have your space, you can be social and still have your self respect. Let me give you an example: there’s this course mate of mine called Cynthia, I kind of “reserved in public” I would say. At first she kept her distance and was enjoying her personal space but at some point she began to interact with others, trying to have fun and ease the tension and at same time managing self respect among us. Despite this fun, she graduated, First class Economics (BSc). You can actually have fun and still be successful in academics; it’s just a matter of self discipline. As a matter of fact, no matter how many times you run to library or even attend classes, if you’re not disciplined you will still fail.

One advantage of being social is that it helps take care of the tension that could affect your study. It also helps especially during discussions and argue, it gives you a different perspective to life in general.

I can tell you from personal experience, that i have learned more from the interactions I had with people. Please note: I’m not talking about baseless, directionless discussions that you waste your time with clueless and factless individuals.

3. The less friends the better: you’re in school not a social club. When you have plenty people around you, it becomes distraction and this is not good for your mind. Your mind a less busy environment for book to settle, when the noise is much in your mind it become difficult to focus on academics. For those who wish to excel very well in academics need to learn to keep less friends.

4. Learn something new: for every encounter you have with those ahead of you, try as much as you can to learn something new. Even when you do not have the opportunity to learn something within your area of specialization, try as much as possible to increase your well of knowledge, as you may know, no knowledge is a waste.

5. Manage your time: time is wealth don’t spend it on irrelevances. If u can lean to manage your time and learn to keep to time rather than trying to keep up, your time will be more productive.