Feminism: Fake Teaching or Societal Need?

One of the societal hiccups between men and women is the concept of feminism.

Now hold up before you get offended over this concept, let’s have an understanding on the subject matter.

Feminism is a social movement and ideology that fights for political, economic and social rights for women. 

There are those who feel we have arrived the era of equal rights for men and women. And this mindset have cut so deep into societies that even societies that have no need for this quest bring the matter to the table for heavy discussion and even make enemies of it.

According to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the problem with gender is that it prescribes how we should be rather than recognizing how we are. Imagine how much happier we would be, how much freer to be our true individual selves, if we didn’t have the weight of gender expectations.

Wait a minute: “how we should be rather than how we are”?

One thing to note: If we focus on who we should be and denial who we are, what problem have we solved?

Especially in the African society, where culture and tradition does not favour women, but even at that we are expected to teach our girls to be gender conscious, is it not necessary to teach the boys how to treat another human being? With the energy fussed into gender equality, why not teach human equality? The place for everyone to be treated fairly.

Gender biasness is common from the said Feminist, and even does who do not know what feminism entails. From every concept of societal evil, when it comes to women it is usually presented in a pathetic manner, appealing the conscience of individuals who are ready to listen. For example, the issue of rape, and domestic violence. It is easier to make the world feel bad that a woman is a victim but men are expected to stay strong and in most cases, the men are seen as “anti-victim”.

I believe in women empowerment, I support education for everyone. Chimamanda and her likes have at some point twisted the minds of some young hearts who do not necessarily understand the concept of gender. Some who cannot tell what the ideology stands for?

I mean not to disrespect Adichie, but instead of spreading the news on gender differences, educating people against discrimination of all kinds should give us a better society.

You can imagine when you have a society with people that are not gender biased or people with any form of discrimination. It is possible!! Yes, it is possible. But with the kind of education on gender, race, religion and other forms of education that is focused on creating factions and making feel superior to others should be shunned and if you preach equality then you should mean equality.

No matter the level of education, irrespective of what you accept or what you deny, you cannot change your gender but you can change how you are treated by the opposite gender, you either chose to be victim or a victor.

Don’t preach feminism, don’t educate one side of the society, educate both male and female. Fight for human equality not woman equality. The ideology to support women is obviously grooming a generation of people that instead of working as a team, they would rather struggle for equality even when such is not needed.

Looking at how men are treating women in recent times, it is good to actually train women to fight for their rights but men should also be trained that anyone who is qualified to work should not be pushed aside on based on gender deficiency.

“How we should be” is achievable when we understand that it cost nothing to be a better person. Accepting and developing yourself in areas that will increase your value is better than sitting and wallowing in self pity as to say “how we are”