European Government Fully Funded Scholarships In 2024

European Government Fully Funded Scholarships In 2024

Europe continues to be a highly sought-after destination for various purposes be it travel, studies or job seeking endeavors.


According to the European Commission, a vast pool of 100,000 scholarships and grants is available for students aspiring to pursue their education in Europe without the burden of financial constraints.

To maximize these opportunities, it is highly recommended to explore Fully Funded European Government Scholarships.

Each European country presents its own array of Government Funded Scholarship programs, offering an excellent pathway for international students to explore, learn, and excel in their chosen fields.


This comprehensive guide provides insights into a curated list of fully funded scholarships in Europe for students at the Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. levels.

DAAD EPOS Scholarship (Germany): Fully funded for Masters and Ph.D., the DAAD EPOS Scholarship in Germany opens doors for international students to access high-quality education in diverse fields.

NL Scholarship 2024-25 (Netherlands): The Netherlands Government’s NL Scholarship offers full funding, inviting students worldwide to pursue Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D. programs in a vibrant academic environment.

Eiffel France Government Scholarship 2024: Designed for Masters and Ph.D. seekers, the Eiffel France Government Scholarship stands as a beacon of financial support and academic excellence in the culturally rich landscape of France.

Belgium Government Scholarships 2023/24: Tailored for Masters and Training programs, Belgium’s Government Scholarships provide comprehensive financial coverage, encouraging international students to thrive in their chosen fields.

Danish Government Scholarships 2023/24 (Denmark): Offering partial funding for Masters, the Danish Government Scholarships facilitate academic pursuits in Denmark, fostering international collaboration and knowledge exchange.

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Poland NAWA Government Scholarships 2023/24: Supported by the NAWA program, Poland’s Government Scholarships fund Masters and Ph.D. studies, promoting academic excellence and cultural diversity in the heart of Europe.

Hungary Government Scholarships 2024: Boasting 5,000 fully funded scholarships for Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. programs, Hungary’s Government Scholarships create pathways for global talents to thrive in Hungary’s academic landscape.

Sweden Government Scholarships 2024: With 250 fully funded scholarships for Masters and Ph.D., Sweden’s Government Scholarships beckon students to experience academic excellence and cultural richness in this Nordic nation.

Ireland Government Scholarships 2024: Providing full funding for Masters and Ph.D., Ireland’s Government Scholarships including the Postgraduate Scholarship, empower international students to contribute to Ireland’s academic legacy.

Italy Government Scholarships: While temporarily closed, Italy’s Government Scholarships for Masters and Ph.D. are anticipated to reopen in 2024 promising fully funded educational opportunities in this cultural hub.

Finland Government Scholarships 2024: Although currently closed, Finland’s Government Scholarships offering full funding for Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D., attract students to experience world class education in a Nordic setting.

Austria Government Scholarships 2024: Presently open for applications, Austria’s Government Scholarships fully fund Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. inviting global scholars to contribute to Austria’s academic landscape.

Romania Government Scholarships 2024 by MOFA: With details to be unveiled, Romania’s Government Scholarships, fully funded for Bachelors, Master’s and Ph.D. are poised to support international students in their educational endeavors.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2024: Open for applications, the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship fully funds Masters and Ph.D. attracting global talents to Switzerland’s renowned academic institutions.

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Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program 2024: Open for applications, the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program fully funds Masters and Ph.D. fostering international collaboration and academic excellence across European universities.

Turkey Government Scholarships: Fully funded for Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D., Turkey’s Government Scholarships beckon international students to explore rich cultural experiences and academic opportunities in Turkey.

Belgium Master Mind Scholarships: With varying deadlines, Belgium’s Master Mind Scholarships fully fund Masters programs offering a unique chance for students to excel in diverse fields in this European nation.

Early preparation is pivotal to success. It is recommended to review the provided links and past announcements, understand the necessary documentation and initiate preparations promptly.

Best of luck in your educational journey in Europe. 

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