Breaking News!!!Barcelona To Sign Bayern No.9 This Summe

Bayern Munich and Polish Striker Robert Lewandowski has confirmed and approved Barcelona’s move to sign him this summer.

Lewandowski has made it clear to everyone especially Bayern Munich that he wants to leave the club. His contract with Bayern Munich expires next year and obviously he isn’t renewing his contract with them. The 33 Year Old has won four straight league titles with Bayern Munich including the Champions League win in 2020 against French side Paris Saint Germain and has confessed he is bored and tired of winning the same thing over andover again.

He added that his dream in football is to play in Barcelona. He also said that his interest is in Barcelona and no other club. 

Barcelona on the other hand is on the verge of signing Lewandowski. They just need to convince Bayern Munich. Laporta has promised Barcelona fans that he would try his best to bring Lewandowski to Camp Nou this summer. Barcelona are looking at Lewandowski like a leader who will command the team.

Lewandowski’s current market value is €40m. Barcelona is asked to pay 43 million for Robert Lewandowski and is expected to take a pay cut due to Barcelona’s deep financial state. Lewandowski is not interested in his salary or money, He is only interested in playing for Barcelona.