Blog Blacks Are Not The Victim: The Love, The Discrimination and The Unending Story of Being African

Blacks Are Not The Victim: The Love, The Discrimination and The Unending Story of Being African

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It has always been interesting, knowing that I am Nigerian then African. My society taught me the pride of being African and it has always been more than interesting growing up with this knowledge.

Despite the diversity in tribes, ethnicity and religion, I had always loved the co-existence among my people.

History may have been wrongly presented and taught by the western world, history may not have covered the most important subject; and come to think of it, how much of my generation are interested in the stories, in the teachings, and the culture of Africa.

The world has had problems since the dawn of time but one ranging issue that has refused to be addressed is police brutality: It is not just in Africa but all over the world.

Imagine a society who donated money (tax) for a group of people trained to protect (Police), live in fear of the same. Sometimes in 2020 Nigeria lunched a protest tagged #EndSars. A protest against a police anti robbery unit; the protest which allegedly claimed the life of many yet came to halt without a substantial prove that police brutality had been properly handled.

In the wake of this reality, the United States of America also started a protest on the same subject after the death of Judge Floyd tagged Black Lives Matter

Blacks all over the world have experienced one form of discrimination or another; either from colleagues or employers but police brutality which had cost the lives of many young people remains a nightmare that must end.

One question I’ve heard people ask and I also try to ask but get no answer is; why are the victims or police brutality in Europe and America always black?

When we get to the news and there is a talk about police brutality, it is always that a black man or a black kid was shot dead by the police. And the question is WHY?

There is no case where he was shot on the leg or the arm and got arrested, not even a single broadcast about how a white police officer arrested a black man without pulling his gun. How will the world feel when a Black Police officer shoots a white kid during an arrest? It is always a black man and the police!!!

Well my thought about all these is simple: I think there is a part of history that blacks are not aware of, I believe there is more to just racism and any other form of discrimination but the part I don’t understand is how long it has been in the system and no government had been able to put an end to this hate.

Is it possible that the world governments have a solution to this hate and decide to do nothing about it?

Why would you hate a person even unto death just because of the color of his skin and not by the content of his character?

For me, I think the hate and the quest for control by the whites are evidences of inferiority issues. As crazy as this sound, I strongly believe that the Whites are envious of the Blacks and that is what has given birth to the hate and social discrimination.

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