Barcelona To host Manchester City in A Charity Match, Bernardo Silva expected to join Barcelona this summer

Barcelona and Manchester City have reached an agreement to a friendly Match which is to raise money for charity and for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) awareness which former Barcelona keeper Juan Carlós Unzué was diagnosed of.

The match between Barcelona and Manchester City was scheduled for August 24 which is two weeks before the commencement of the English Premier League. The match is an initiative of Barcelona club legend Juan Carlós Unzué.

In a meeting between Joan Laporta and Pep Guardiola, Man City boss Jospep Guardiola promised Barcelona that it was going to be a tough match. He promised to use his full squad in which Bernardo Silva will be part of.

Joan Laporta talked about Bernardo. He asked Pep is Man City was interested in keeping him. Pep Guardiola replied “Yes. We don’t want him to leave though we don’t like keeping players who are interested in leaving. He is important and we don’t want him to leave”.

Bernardo Silva still has contract with Man City which will keep on running till 2025. His market value is €75m(£64.5m). The charity match will be held in Camp Nou, two weeks before the Premier League commences.