Barcelona and Bayern Munich have reached and agreement on a 3 year deal for 28 year old Polish Striker

According to some reports which just came in after the Bayern Munich match with Wolfsburg when Lewandowski was clapping and waving a goodbye to Bayern Munich. Barcelona have finally reached an agreement with Bayern Munich to sign Robert Lewandowski on a 3 year deal. This has been confirmed by Bayern Munich but all that remains is just for Bayern Munich to finalise and decide on certain things.

Barcelona have been on a pursuit mission to sign Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich ona 3 years contract. Barcelona have recently been looking for a striker and a leader who will be able to carry the team and who has influence. Barcelona have also ruled out giving Bayern Munich Pablo Gavi on a swap deal.

Robert Lewandowski snubbed and shunned a contract renewal from Bayern Munich. He still has one year left in his contract. Bayern Munich have confessed that Lewandowski is ready to leave the club and isn’t willing to stay at the club for anymore year. Though he still has his contract in until July 30, 2023.

Lewandowski has assured himself that he can only win the Balloon D’or only if he leaves the Bundesliga. Lewandowski scored this afternoon in his final game this season or possibly his final game for the Bavarian team. Lewandowski has now had a total of 50 goals this season. Barcelona will be asked to pay a total of 40 million to sign the Polish International Robert Lewandowski.