Arsenal manager respond to Antonio Conte mind games

Mikel Arteta has most recently replied to Antonio Conte mind games on him and the club, the Tottenham Hotspur manager has never hesitate to say that Mikel Arteta and Arsenal are the favourite to finish fourth place ahead of his team any time his been giving the chance to. It is understood by many that Antonio Conte is trying to play mind games to get into the head of Mikel Arteta and his boys, the Arsenal manager was recently asked about what Conte said and he replied; “I don’t know if we are favourite, that is a question for Conte. But what we want to do is very clear and the perception of what people think doesn’t change it.”

He was also asked if he was a manager who wants to engage in mind games, Arteta replied; “I do it more with my players I think. I do it more with my players if I have to, to get what I want from them. No[I can’t tell you how I do it], because they will know what they are doing and that is the whole point

Mikel Arteta was further asked about the club chances on top 4 he said; ” I think we are in a position to give ourselves a very good chance (to finish there). We have to focus on what we have done and try to improve it.

Because there are things we can do a lot better, and we have to do alot batter to be able, at the end of the season, to get where we want to be. Let’s focus on what we can control and that’s our performances.

Mikel Arteta Arsenal currently sit 5th on the log level on point with Antonio Conte Tottenham Hotspur who sit 4th topping the gunners on goal difference. Arsenal will be looking to get back to fourth place later in the day as they take on Crystal Palace later in the day.