I am a conservative and I love education. I’ve always advocated

for education especially among the girl child. One tough choice to make in a region like Africa especially in Nigeria is speaking against a dying government.

On this website, we open to different conversations and help provide academic assistance

as well as conservative conversations both on our blog post and Youtube channel. Thinking about Nigeria alone can cause depression, now you can imagine discussing Nigeria. From the very sector that concerns me “ education” to every other sector, Nigeria have made it difficult to discuss her. Schooling in Nigeria is one of the most difficult thing to do. First you have instructors who do not understand the course; thus make student believe that school is difficult then we have a society that celebrate money more than education which gives the impression among young Nigerians that “school na scam” It is unfortunate that almost all young Nigerians have more interest in entertainment and sports but have little to no interest in politics; it is either religion had blinded them into believing politics is sinful or they live in the delusion that if it’s not affecting me, it is not my business. Forgetting that a single policy can make or mare everything that you believe. It is ok to be sad but it is wrong to remain that way What is that thing you want to talk to us about Join our live chat now and let us talk You can also join the conversation on our channel I work with a group of professionals that can help guide you through your student project research and other academic work.

I am Dmwire and welcome to my website

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