7 Steps to Find Government Jobs in US

Government jobs in us are the largest employer in the American economy and possess distinct characteristics that other potential employers may lack.


Applicants for federal government posts frequently endure a more rigorous hiring procedure than those of many private firms. Knowing how to apply for federal government employees will assist you in finding work with the US government.

This article will describe what government jobs in us are, what kind of work you may do for the federal government, how to find these opportunities, and how to apply for them.

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What are Government Jobs in US?

government jobs in us

A government job is an opportunity to work for the national government. Federal government employees are available in a variety of industries, with several posts available in each. Federal employment frequently offers competitive income and benefits, which may make working for the government intriguing as a potential career option.

Government Jobs in US Categories

If you want to work for the federal government, there are numerous opportunities available. Choosing a career path that matches your personal skills and work experience can be a good method to get federal government work. Work opportunities in the federal government are classified as follows:

  • Administrative: Working in an administrative job entails supervising the duties that allow a business to run smoothly and meet the needs of its employees. Jobs in payroll, staffing, and training new hires are examples of this.
  • Physical labour positions are critical for many federal government businesses because they offer basic maintenance and repairs for facilities, machines, and tools that other federal employees rely on to do their tasks.
  • Clerical workers may obtain work with the federal government if they specialize in clerical tasks such as data entry, filing, organization, and communication. Clerical workers can find work in a variety of federal government agencies, administering the day-to-day office chores that the organization demands.
  • Specialized: Within the federal government, specialized positions frequently necessitate substantial professional training. Finance professionals, healthcare specialists, lawyers, and analysts are examples of federal government roles in this area.
  • A technical staff member works in a field that necessitates the acquisition of sophisticated applied skills. Engineering, computer, and architectural vocations are examples of technical jobs.
  • Other: Certain jobs do not easily fall into the previous classification categories. While collecting important job data, the federal government categorizes these jobs as “other.”
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How to Find Federal Government Jobs in US

If you want to work for the federal government jobs in US, take the following steps:


1. Register with USAJOBS

The federal government follows tight rules when it comes to open posts, hiring, and firing. To help this, the federal government now employs an online job posting system. To use the portal to apply for various federal posts, you must first create an account. You can apply for any job on the platform after completing this one-time process.

2. Create a profile to go with your CV.

Each USAJOBS site user obtains their profile, which federal agencies can view when reviewing an application. Complete the minimal information entry for a profile before applying for employment. When applying for roles, it can also be advantageous to add optional content to your profile, since this provides a more full view of who you are as a person and possible team member.

3. Look for available federal government employment.

To find potential federal government positions, use the portal’s search option, which allows you to sift through openings based on many criteria. Keyword and location searches allow you to look for employment in a certain field or area, whilst filters limit your search to jobs that fit your preferences.

The profile you offer to the portal may also be combined with the search feature, highlighting occupations for which you are well qualified.

4. Assess the requirements

When you find government employment that interests you, thoroughly read the job description to learn more about the criteria and expectations. The material provided by the government entity announcing the job offers important details about what they want from a hired candidate.

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This allows you to tailor your application to focus on the areas most relevant to your potential employer, increasing your chances of creating a good impression.

5. Revisit your résumé and apply

It may be useful to update your resume before applying for an open position. This allows you to select previous work experience and abilities that are especially relevant to the job you seek. Modifying your resume for each application may assist you in improving your presentation to a potential federal government position.

After you have updated your resume, you can upload it to your application along with your candidate profile to be considered for a position.

6. Sign up for email updates

Upon the submission of an application, the portal provides the option to sign up for email updates. This can be an effective strategy for expanding the number of job chances that you find. Email notifications notify you when a new federal government position meets your search criteria, allowing you to evaluate it and decide whether or not to apply.

7. Consent to a background check and additional verification

While applying for a federal government post, it’s usual for an employer to conduct a background check if they’ve determined you’re their chosen candidate. Your employer may also seek extra verification techniques depending on the federal government post you applied for. This permits your company to confirm that you can operate in a federal capacity safely and that you comply with all federal hiring rules and regulations.

How to Apply for Federal Government Jobs in US

If you want to work for the federal government, consider the following advice:

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1. Maintain a clean criminal record.

Because passing a background check has become more vital, aspiring government staff must avoid potential criminal behaviour. Keeping your record clean can help you avoid possibly disqualifying marks. While some potential disqualifying circumstances can linger on your record indefinitely, the sooner you commit to preserving an incident-free criminal record, the better off you will be.

2. Contemplate joining the armed forces.

Enlisting in the military can be a great way to prepare for a future career working for the federal government. Military veterans are frequently held in high regard by government officials, which may help them land a federal job. Your military service may also provide you with useful skills and experience that you may apply to a federal government job to help you improve your qualifications and succeed.

3. Seek certifications

When applying for a federal government job, one method to distinguish oneself from other candidates is to have one or more certifications related to the position in question. Obtaining a certificate from a reputable certifying organization demonstrates to the government agency to which you apply that you have finished advanced study and have the appropriate skills and expertise for the position. This could help you get the job over a similarly competent individual who lacks your certificates.


The résumé is one area where applying for a federal position differs greatly from applying for a civilian position. While it’s best to keep a conventional resume to one or two pages, federal applications frequently allow for longer resumes of four to six pages. This benefits the hiring agency since it allows them to obtain a more comprehensive picture of their candidates. It also gives you the ability to enhance the number of your entries to provide more information that positions you as an exceptional contender for the position.



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