Capitol Insurrection: Nancy Pelosi Charged With Treason

When you want to talk power and influence, we cannot just continue without discussing Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton especially since the Benghazi crisis that was to be managed

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Ms. Pelosi is not a very good liar; at least not after the deception on the infrastructure bill with the Joe Biden administration.
In most recent events in an interview with Dr. Peter Navarro on the War Room, Dr. Bannon discussed the Biden administration and the number of failures that had accrued in only 11 months. He went on to say that another prominent Democrat is working behind the scenes to orchestrate a takeover.
That President Biden’s popularity ratings are plummeting should come as no surprise to anybody. While everything is going on, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly making steps that Dr. Navarro believes to be borderline treasonous in nature in the background.
The following is what Dr. Navarro said when speaking with Bannon: “Let’s start with the November 3rd stolen election.”
It was at that moment that the RINO Republicans, Pelosi-ites, and others devised a comprehensive strategy to remove Trump from the chessboard.
As a result, Pelosi’s attempt to question the President constituted treason.” “It’s treason,” he continued. It’s treasonous behavior. That is exactly what I mean. Yes, I’ve given it a lot of consideration… You’ve got Nancy Pelosi, who is basically attempting to stage a coup. Keep in mind that she is the third in line in the succession. “If she can get her hands on it.”
The former White House chief strategist said that although she is “third in line for succession,” she “has no operational responsibility whatsoever as Commander in Chief of the military until that transition takes place.”
Dr. Navarro, not wanting to make any judgments, said, “I wonder if Milley was having any kind of dialogue with her…
Consider that Pelosi has complete authority over the Capitol Police, who were recorded on film engaging in similar behavior.
Funny how it is speculation that Ms Pelosi might be involved in the madness at the Capitol. Its obvious that Democrats wants to reck the administration of president Donald. We literally saw maxime Walter asking people to protest Trump.
Pelosi should be question and tried same as Maxime awaters.

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