Playing by Trump’s Rule: Biden – Strategy For Omicron Variant is Vaccination, Not Shutdowns

Its been speculation as to what the Biden administration would do as regards refusal to take the vaccine, but as recent events unfold, it is clear that omicron is the backup plan to get everyone vaccinated.
Even with Dr. Anthony Fauci hiding the obvious statement of the compulsory vaccinations, the president have taken the bull by the horn in his Monday address.
President Joe Biden on Monday said he will unveil his plan to tackle the new omicron variant of COVID-19, saying the strategy will not include more lockdowns. Instead, Biden plans to rely on vaccinations to combat the latest version of the virus to pose a serious threat.
Which brings the questions; if vaccinations does not protect you from catching the virus, why is it then the strategy in place?
President Biden speaking during a meeting with CEOs of various companies to discuss the holiday shopping season and his administration’s work to address the supply chain crisis, Biden also said that Americans who are eligible for a booster shot have “no excuse” for not getting one.

“On Thursday, I’m going to be putting forward a detailed strategy for how to deal with this new variant,” said Biden. “And that is not shutdowns or lockdowns, but more widespread vaccination, more boosters, testing, and more.

Biden’s determination to avoid shutdowns is an echo of former President Trump’s strategy, often criticized by Democrats, of resisting closing businesses during the pandemic.

“In the meantime, I’ve said the best protection against this new variant is to get fully vaccinated and get a booster shot,” Biden continued. “And I urge all Americans who haven’t yet done that, get it done today. There’s no excuse. There are over 80,000 places you can get it done. I mean, there’s just there’s no reason. It’s free, it’s available, and if you qualify for the booster, get it done today.”

Biden’s remarks reiterated comments he made earlier Monday during a press conference at the White House with Dr. Anthony Fauci about the omicron variant, which the World Health Organization designated a “variant of concern,” its most serious designation for a COVID-19 variant.

The president stressed that all individuals, whether vaccinated or not, should be wearing masks and face coverings in public settings again.
When pressed on why he was taking shutdowns off the table, the president said: “If people are vaccinated and wearing their masks, there is no need for the lockdowns.” 
Joe Biden also maintained the importance of sharing vaccination supply around the globe, saying that he will “always make sure our people are protected first” while noting that both the delta and omicron variants of COVID-19 emerged “elsewhere in the world.” 
But if these variants emerged elsewhere in the world and not in the United States, don’t be quick to forget that the Covid-19 itself emerged in Wuhan China and though the lab leak theory holds no ground, Dr. Fauci remains the mouthpiece of the President.
However, all that can be said here is that, the only way to fuel the vaccination idea, is to spread a new variant (omicron) so the people will panic to avoid lockdown and take the vaccine.
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