The Illusion of US Democracy and Why China Said US should have no ‘illusions’ when it comes to Taiwan

Despite the long speculation that covid 19 is a product of the US China economic war, the Xi Jinping administration had continued on making his stands clear when it comes to his interest and the interest of the United States.

Chinese top official had said that the U.S. should not have “any illusions” when it comes to Taiwan and reiterated that Beijing will not compromise on the issue, according to a report.
Wu Qian, a spokesman from the Chinese Defense Ministry, held a news briefing and blamed the U.S. for saying “a lot of irresponsible things” on the matter, Reuters reported. 

Beijing has irritated its neighbors and Western governments with an increasingly assertive foreign and military policy. Taiwan and the mainland have been ruled separately since 1949 following a civil war.
The Biden administration drew condemnation from China on Wednesday after the State Department announced it had invited Taiwan to its Summit for Democracy next month.
“What the U.S. did proves that the so-called democracy summit is just a pretext and tool for it to pursue geopolitical goals, suppress other countries, divide the world, serve its own interest and maintain its hegemony in the world,” said Zhao Lijian, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to the Associated Press.
The conflict over democracy which had been condemned by many is still fuming despite all approach for peace talks.
But with the United States implementing democracy in Taiwan, we are now left with a question of why??
Is there a nation that the United States have tried to help that did not end in chaos or worst than its previous state?
Democracy in Africa, yea!!! How well has it been managed?
Democracy in Libya, how well has it been managed?
The quest for such control kept Syria in its current state.
The crisis in the middle East is a product of a failed democracy installation and now the United States wants to extend the same to Taiwan.
We can only hope that the Biden and Xi Jinping administration will come to a consensus and hopefully for peace talk.
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