The House Freedom Caucus backed resolutions introduced Tuesday asserting the sense of Congress that President Joe Biden, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley should resign over the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

“We call upon, most somberly, the resignation of this president, Joe Biden,” Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, said at a press conference Tuesday.

Louisiana Rep. Clay Higgins is the lead sponsor of the resolutions, and 25 other Republican members of Congress also signed on.

The right-wing body notably stopped short of calling for Biden’s impeachment as many other Republicans have.

“Calling for the resignation,” Higgins told reporters, is “the appropriate step before pursuing impeachable offenses, which has occurred. But there’s a level of compassion that underlies everything that we do regarding President Biden because some of us, myself included, many Americans on both sides of the aisle have recognized a change in his behavior.”

But some of the caucus’s members, including Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, did call for impeaching Biden, as well as Vice President Kamala Harris.

“If there are any Republicans who have any doubt: Know that you will be facing your own primaries, and no amount of precious money will be able to save you from the uprising of the American people who demand we do something now,” Boebert said.

The resignation resolutions assert in part that the Biden administration “allowed billions of taxpayer dollars in military equipment to fall into the hands of the Taliban,” “jeopardized the safety of United States citizens and Afghan allies stranded in Afghanistan by willingly sharing their identities with Taliban officials,” and “created a permanent rupture of trust between this military chain of command and the American people and our allies.”

Meanwhile, Congressman Mike Johnson also issued a statement Tuesday afternoon, at the end of which he called for Biden’s resignation. President Biden’s exit from Afghanistan has been an unmitigated disaster. His decisions to relinquish military installations and assets and withdraw U.S. troops before completing the necessary evacuations of Americans and allies will be remembered as perhaps the greatest and most confounding foreign policy mistake in our history.”

“As a result of his Administration’s rush to meet an arbitrary political deadline, 13 American soldiers have been killed, at least hundreds of Americans and thousands of allied Afghans have been left behind enemy lines, and the security of our homeland is now in serious question,” he added “This is more than a broken promise. It is a betrayal of our national duty and a dangerous stain on our international credibility “President Biden abandoned his promise to rescue all of our fellow countrymen simply to meet his arbitrary pledge to the Taliban to withdraw U.S. forces by August 31.

This stunning sequence of failures by the President demonstrates his inability to carry out his responsibilities as Commander in Chief of this nation

“As we press for Congressional investigations and full accountability into what has transpired, it is clear that President Biden should resign.

please share your THOUGHTS if you think Biden should resign.

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  1. I am not even sure if mr. Biden is ruling the country, but comrade Tlaib or Omar.

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