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It has been in the News that the covid19 mandates in some parts of Europe are making the people reject the idea of getting shots of the vaccine. In places like UK, certain measures have been taken, to the level of halting your employment if you are not vaccinated.

According to the WHO emergencies director Michael Ryan on Wednesday said that people in Europe were “back to pre-pandemic levels of social mixing” despite an alarming rise in cases and hospitalizations.

“The reality is the virus will continue to transmit intensely in that environment,” he told reporters.

Europe’s return as the pandemic’s epicentre has been blamed on Delta, a slow vaccine uptake in some nations, colder weather, and the easing of restrictions.

“Last week, more than 60 percent of all reported cases and deaths from COVID-19 globally were once again in Europe,” Tedros said.

“The sheer number of cases is translating to unsustainable pressure on health systems and exhausted health workers.”

Europe recorded more than 2.4 million new cases last week, an 11-percent rise on the week before. In Germany, infections were up 31 percent.

WHO epidemiologist Maria van Kerkhove said that it was important to take measures during the European holiday period, adding that “social measures do not mean lockdowns”.

In the past weeks, riots have broken out in several European countries as more lockdowns and restrictions were introduced in places like Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.

With the coming season, it is a thing of concern for those in government to find a better way of managing the situation rather than enforcing rules that is likely to make things worse.

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3 thoughts on “UK Covid-19 Vaccine: Government and The Labor Force; Why The Case In Europe Is Different”
  1. The COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom has often foreshadowed what came later elsewhere.

  2. corona is a dangerous virus to us. but its uncontrollable to vaccine. now the virus overlapped the world.

  3. Of what importance is the vaccine when it can stop the spread of the virus God please help the world.

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