Meghan wrote a letter to her father allegedly knowing it “could be leaked” and proceeded to call him “daddy” in an attempt to pull on heartstrings

Good Morning Britain fans have switched sides and claim former GMB presenter Piers Morgan needs an apology after Meghan Markle has been accused of “manipulating the media.”

The Duchess of Sussex has been forced to apologise for misleading the High Court after emails and text messages that have been made public which show how Meghan’s leaked letter to dad was allegedly intended for the media.

Meghan wrote a letter to her father knowing it “could be leaked”, and asked whether she should call him “daddy”, saying it “would pull at the heartstrings” if it did get out, according to her former head of communications

Royal Commentator Emily Andrews appeared on the ITV breakfast show and told presenters Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard that Meghan’s “image was incredibly important to her and she was focused on her positive public image.”

The Royal commentator claimed in the text messages Meghan said: “The words I have written, I could never publicly say but it’s great to get it off my chest just in case it will leak with my father I have set out I have set out my possession in full.”

She went on to explain how Meghan went from being an actor which gave her the ability to control her publicity and media from lifestyle and fashion.

“Meghan has been thrown into an awkward position and married into one of the most famous families in the world and suddenly she couldn’t control her image.

On one hand it is incredibly stressful and on the other hand I think these emails and text messages the court case has made public and it just shows how incredibly important her image is and when you are that famous you can’t control everything.”

Good Morning Britain was reportedly previously frustrated with ex GMB presenter Piers Morgan as he continued to lash out at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Viewers accused him of making too many comments about Meghan and taking it “too far.”

But it seems viewers are switching sides and claim Piers needs an apology after the recent text messages that have surfaced.

Taking to Twitter one viewer wrote: “Think it’s time an apology went out to @piersmorgan… Take your privacy and stay quiet enjoy the life you claim to want.”

Another Tweeted: “I wonder if at any point #GMB are going to apologise to @piersmorgan for forcing him to choose his job or apologise to MM when he said he didn’t believe her?! You may not like the fella but he was correct in what he said!”

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