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Africa is the world’s second-largest and second-most populous continent, after Asia in both cases.

Africa is covered in large quantity of natural resources, including diamond, sugar, salt, gold, iron, uranium, copper, silver, petroleum and cocoa beans, but also woods and tropical fruits etcetera.

Recent oil reserve discoveries have increased the importance of that commodity on African economies.

This basically means Africa is self sufficient

But that of course depends on who handle these resources

It was estimated as at 2020 that GDP per capita was 1790 $

So how would a continent so rich be this poor.

So – Here are top 5 habits that ruined Africa

Let’s get started from number 5

5. Borrowing of funds:

It is a known fact that every country in the world borrows funds especially when drafting their budget. But of course with the mind to pay back the loan and let’s not forget the conditions that comes with borrowing

In the case of African countries, borrowing is a norm and do they pay back???

Nahhh not so much.

I don’t know who birth the idea of borrowing:

African leaders are so much into borrowing that they are not interested in building their own.

Despite the resources deposited in Africa, they remain the thumbnail of world poverty because they do not explore these resources. The next leader is very much interested in borrowing as the previous one.

Number 4

4. Investing abroad:

Just like the case of borrowing, the African leaders do not invest in their own country…. it’s always about taking it abroad

And let’s not forget

Some of these funds were borrowed and stolen by those in government

Wait!!!  Did I say those in government??

Well, it’s not just about those in government anymore

It is now a growing concern that everyone wants a touch of “abroad” that is Europe and America!!!

Since all investment is targeted outside the continent it becomes difficult to develop facilities and at the same time those with skills will also want to move out to where ever these investments were made for employment

Number 3

3. Importation

Importation has made Africa a dumping ground for the rest of the world

For example, Nigeria has a car manufacturer called Innoson who produce all manner of exotic cars but the Nigerian government would rather patronize Germany and Japan for luxury cars

And for the record Volkswagen has opened a vehicle assembly facility in Ghana as the West African country seeks to attract auto manufacturers and turn itself into a car-making hub. The plant, based in Accra, has the capacity to assembly 5,000 units annually.

Well it’s not just cars

Africa has crude oil but imports fuel

Africa has farms but imports food

Basically Africa imports everything

Number 2

2. Religion:

This is coming as number 2 but trust me it’s a total package that I will make a video on next time.

The African continent holds on to more of spiritual prosperity than the development of the continent.

If you’re insurance company coming to Africa, just get ready because your competitor is anointing oil and the blood of Jesus.

Africa is the most religious continent in the world and this title was not given because they have more places of worship but it’s because they have religious activity every day of the week and this does not exclude the productive hours of the morning.

I mean you literally see people gathered for religious activity on a Monday morning

I think it’s because their government don’t do much for them so they just have to turn to God

Maybe this is why when Africans move to Europe and America they become less religious

Number 1

1. Ethnicity and tribe

The mind that the job must be given to someone I know and not someone that know the job have kept Africa in continued failure and this circle have no plans of coming to a halt any time soon.

This made it to the number 1 on the list because tribalism affects every sphere of the African people.

It’s so much that one who is not a professional in the field will be given the job because his people wants him in the job even when he’s not fit for it.

You will know this when you see those in government and leaders who were elected especially when democracy is government of the majority

And that’s out top 5 habits that kept ruined Africa

Do you think they are other bad habits that should make it up to the top 5 on the list?

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