How to Write a Proper Background of The Study in Your Research Paper.

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Research methodology has been a major headache for students especially those working on their research and one of the most important chapter of the entire research one is the chapter one. This is because there is a flow from one section to another and if the flow is lost the entire work will have no purpose.

The introductory part which is sometimes referred to as the background of study will be our main focus for today. Though we need to understand that if you use the guide below, your introduction will help guide you to the problem statement, the problem identified for the study will help guide you to the objective of the study, the objectives of the study will in turn guide you to your research questions and the list continue. Thus; you must note that if one of these sections is wrong, it will affect other sections. Just to be clear!!! If the chapter one is not correct, your chapter four then is also wrong. That is to say, it is easier to make mistakes in the chapter four analysis than to make such mistakes in chapter one. This is why you must be very careful especially with the introductory section of your research work.

Guide For Proper Background of Study

  1. History: it is expected of a researcher to arrange the introductory section in a descending order; that is to say the dates should be arranged from the oldest happenings to the most recent. It is common for some researchers to leave the date scattered or even place some recent dates earlier than the old dates. These defile the idea of writing history.
  2. Style of referencing: referencing is an act of giving credit to people for their creative and intellectual works that was adopted in your research. It can also be used to locate original sources and help to control plagiarism. A reference may include the author’s name, date, and location of the publishing company, journal title, or Digital Object Identifier. There is no fixed style of referencing; the style adopted by any research is usually decided by the institution. However, the most common of these style of references is APA style (American Psychological Association) is used by Education, Psychology, and Sciences, MLA (Modern Language Association) style is used by the Humanities while Chicago/ Turabian style is generally used by Business, History, and Fine Arts. Thus, depending on your institution, you are advised to identify with your institution or your professor to guide you In what style of referencing you are to use
  3. Number of citation: over time we have seen researchers especially students submit scanty research papers especially the chapter one of the work. We understand that there is no fixed number of pages that is to be submitted but having a scanty work is not ideal.  Having at least 7 citations on your introduction help give your paper “the pride to lift shoulders”. It is quiet unclear why students submit scanty paper in the name of research. Nobody is asking for a compulsory long boring note but there is need to have enough citation to help back up your claim in the introduction section of your research.
  4. Global continent region country: for instance, if you want to discuss food security and economic growth. Irrespective of the nature of study, either by adopting primary data or secondary, you are expected to explore food security at the global level, trying to access other countries of the world having the same problem as the economy in discuss, after which you narrow it to the continent for example Africa. At this point you get to mention some of the African nations experiencing the problem identified in this study, then you move further to bring it down to the region in Africa, for example West Africa. You are expected to explain In details how the problem identified is a problem in the region after which you direct your study to the country (economy) you have in mind; let’s say /Nigeria in this case. However, in a case where you are working on something smaller: that is, you are not looking at the total economy, and you decide to work with primary data for your analysis and pick and area of study, maybe a state of a local government and your decide to distribute questionnaire. It is expected of you to explore your introduction to the study area and possibly give a brief background of the problem statement for the research.
  5. Note that the study will continue in the following chapter and try as much as possible to have a good conclusion and you will also have to state the possible solutions or recommendations to the issues that have not been reviewed in the past.
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